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Fixed! (Re: mgetty isn't answering the phone (ioctl problem))

> ...When I call from a normal phone, I hear a ring, a click,
> another click, and then that's it. 
> A peek at /var/log/mgetty/mg_ttyS0.log shows:
> >10/22 16:42:03 yS0  waiting for ``RING'' ** found **
> >10/22 16:42:03 yS0  cannot set controlling tty (ioctl): Operation not

It turns out that mgetty does NOT like being run from a login session. I
guess the reason it couldn't set a controlling tty was because it already
*had* one... the one I ran mgetty from.

So, that gets back to, why wasn't it working when I was using it in
inittab? Well, it turns out that the agetty line I had been using (before
someone suggested I use mgetty) had set the modem's S0 register to 1. So,
as near as I can tell, the modem was answering the modem on its own
volition just moments before mgetty sent an "ATA" which, I believe, toggles
the online state (hangs up if off-hook, picks up if on-hook). Hence, the
two clicks, I guess. So, putting "ATS0=0" in the init line for that tty
fixed the problem.

However, this has *not* fixed the bizzare problem with pppd thinking I
don't have PPP support compiled in, even though I do.

Also, the person who suggested that I use mgetty seemed to think I was
kiiky for wanting to use uugetty. Well, if he's listening, I'd like to add
that, under mgetty, I *still* can't dial out on the modem that mgetty is
sitting on. The whole reason I wanted to use uugetty was that it supposedly
allowed for dial-in and dial-out without having to do the "inittab

Just thought you might like to know....

- Joe

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