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Mounting CDROM during installation

Hello !

I am having a veird problem while trying to install the Debian
1.1 distribution. I have a boot disk with NCR SCSI support (that
is my SCSI controller), a root disk, and the 3 1.44 in base disks.
Everything goes fine till the "dselect" phase. I boot, install
the base system, select loadable modules (and this is important: I *DO*
select cdrom support *AND* isofs support, and *DOUBLE-CHECK* after-
wards that they are marked with a +), install the kernel, reboot,
do the password stuff, and fall into dselect. Everything looks fine.
When I go ahead and select the access method to be the cd-rom, it
cannot mount the cdrom saying: 

   iso9660 is not supported by this kernel

And remember: I *did* include cdrom and isofs support !
What is going on ? I went through all of the loadable module options,
but was not able to find any other related modules - btw, is ATAPI
support built into every kernel - or does the plain "cdrom" entry 
correspond to it ?
What am I missing ????????????????????????

BTW, my configuration is like this, if it matters at all:

     NCR SCSI 53c810

I will REALLY appreciate any pointers - I am really frustrated at
this moment. Also, where can I find a "good" document on dselect
and dpkg ?

Thanks in advance,

Arifi Koseoglu

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