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firewall on my web server

     Hi all ...
        I need to install the tis firewall (fwtk) onto my debian machine 
     which is also a web server. I have no other hardware to install it on 
     so I need to run with what I have - our simple web server.
      I imagine it will take some time to properly configure this box. 
     Personally speaking - I can't just install this package and lock out 
     the users from doing their web page development. BUT - I have a rather 
     pressing needs to start using this package - NOW. 
     My questions:
     After installation of fwtk:
     Q1: Will my remote users/clients still be able to telnet into this     
         machine - after the initial installation of this package.
     Q2: will the web services still be accessible to our network - after   
          the initial installation of this package.

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