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Re: inews package conflicts with domestic convention

>>>>> "MvS" == Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@drinkel.cistron.nl> writes:

    >> I found Debian inews package conflicts with Japanese domestic
    >> convention about news articles.  We have embedded raw ESCs without any
    >> special encodings into articles to write Japanese, and the inews
    >> package is programmed to strip these ESCs silently.  So I finally
    >> removed the package and switched to the normal C News inews.

    MvS> I think news is not required to be 8 bit clean, so that might
    MvS> be possible

It has not been `7-bit clean' either, though RFC 1036 or RFC 822 does
not prohibit the use of any control characters in body.

Most of Japanese believe ESCs should pass since their use in Usenet
articles is not explicitly prohibited, though I doubt if it must be

In respect to this problem, it might be good to use some MIME
encoding, but the ESC convention used in Japan predates MIME and many
programs are not prepared to handle such an encoding yet:-(.

    >> I wish it would be `fixed' in the future.

    MvS> Are you talking about inews or inewsinn? If you mean inewsinn
    MvS> (I maintain the INN package) I could fix it. inn_1.4unoff4-2
    MvS> is on its way.

I am not sure if it is necessary to modify INN, but I believe INN and
the latest C News is already 8-bit clean.

BTW, I prefer C News to INN since I am familier with the C News
administration and since my system is getting a very limited feed just 
for my needs.  Should I switch to INN?

Kaz Sasayama, a Nagoyan X68000, Linux and OS/2 user.
pub  1024/5B09C385 1996/01/03 Kazuhiro Sasayama <kaz@hypercore.co.jp>
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