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inews package conflicts with domestic convention

I found Debian inews package conflicts with Japanese domestic
convention about news articles.  We have embedded raw ESCs without any
special encodings into articles to write Japanese, and the inews
package is programmed to strip these ESCs silently.  So I finally
removed the package and switched to the normal C News inews.

I wish it would be `fixed' in the future.

Kaz Sasayama, a Nagoyan X68000, Linux and OS/2 user.
pub  1024/5B09C385 1996/01/03 Kazuhiro Sasayama <kaz@hypercore.co.jp>
            Key fingerprint = 53 71 54 56 FB 3D 76 0B  92 5D 32 40 C5 34 38 00

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