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Re: mounting files as filesystems

> I remember having heard of some way to mount a *file* as filesystem. I 
> would want to use this to mount an iso9660 filesystem that is created as 
> file. Still with me? :)
> I couldn't find info on this anywhere. Is there somebody who has 
> experience in burning CD's who has done this and can help me out here?

You can mount a file as a filesystem with the loop file system.

    losetup /dev/loop0 <your image file>

then just mount or whatever /loop0. (Up to loop7 is supported).

If you want to make a new file system in it, you need to create an image
file of some format first, eg with dd;

    dd if=/dev/zero of=<your file> bs=<size of file> count=1

then you can losetup it, then mkfs it or whatever else.

Hope this helps,


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