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Re: mounting files as filesystems

> I remember having heard of some way to mount a *file* as filesystem. I 
> would want to use this to mount an iso9660 filesystem that is created as 
> file. Still with me? :)
> I couldn't find info on this anywhere.

It's documented in the kernel's Configure.help:
    Loop device support
      Enabling this option will allow you to mount a file as a file system.
      This is useful if you want to check an ISO9660 file system before
      burning the CD, or want to use floppy images without first writing
      them to floppy.
      This option also allows one to mount a filesystem with encryption.
      To use these features, you need a recent version of mount, such as
      the one found at ftp.win.tue.nl:/pub/linux/util/mount-2.5X.tar.gz.
      If you want to use encryption, you might also be interested in the
      (old) DES package ftp.funet.fi:/pub/OS/Linux/BETA/loop/des.1.tar.gz.
      Note that this loop device has nothing to do with the loopback
      device used for network connections from the machine to itself.
      Most users will answer N here.

Debian's mount is 2.5l-1; should be recent enough. (there is a 2.5n now).

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