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Re: [comp.os.linux.announce] Clarification - Linux-FT, The Road

Bruce Perens wrote:
(: NIST decided to make the suite available without charge. The Debian
(: Project most heartily applauds this decision. In fact we most heartily
(: jump up and down with glee and cheer unabashedly.

I'd probably go a bit further than that :-)

(: My plan is to package the POSIX.1 test suite so that any user can run it
(: and independently verify the POSIX.1 compliance of his/her system.
(: For this, we need volunteers. So far, Klee Dienes <klee@sedona.com> has
(: said he'd look at it but hasn't made a committment. We need more people
(: to look at and work on this. Please volunteer if you can.

I'm in pretty much the same situation - I haven't got that much time (one
assignment down, four to go) - but if/when I get time, (more likely than
not, in December :-( ), if it hasn't already been packaged, I'll do it.
Should be interesting. (*note well the caveat about time* - if you've got
the time, and I haven't explicitely stated to debian-devel that I've done
it, go right ahead.)

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