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"find" and symlinks question


As some of you may have noticed already, the http://www.debian.org/FTP/
interface unfortunately has duplicated entries in it.

The script that generates it does a 'find' through all the directories
of the FTP archive. To be precisely, it does a
	find unstable contrib non-free -name '*.deb' -follow

The problem is that the same file is now listed under its real name
(.../binary-i386/foo/bar.deb), and under the symlinks (.../binary/foo/bar.deb).
However, I cannot remove the '-follow' since 'unstable' is itself a symlink
(currently to 'rex'), and would not be processed without it.

The 'ls' documentation mentions a '--dereference' switch, which could be
used to do something like
	find `ls --dereference unstable contrib non-free` -name '*.deb'
but this switch doesn't appear to work.

How do I get a list of '*.deb' under all of unstable, contrib and non-free,
without getting duplicates because of symlinks?

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