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Package finder


I have created a small search system where you can search for a Debian package 
either with a keyword, file name or direct browsing. The url is 

However, this can not be it's permanent location since it resides on the PC I 
use for the part time work here at the university. If you like it, I'll 
try to arrange a more stable home for it.

Here is a short description what you can do with it:

o You can list all the packages that mention a keyword in their Description or 
   other fields. You can also search for a package that contains a file.

o With the section browser you can list the sections and see what packages are 
   in them.

o The search system also has mirror site selection, so when you find the       
   package you are looking for, you can download it from the nearest mirror.
The raw material for all this are the Contents and Package files in the 
subdirectories 'stable', 'unstable', 'contrib' and 'non-free' of 

Feel free to use it, but please be nice to it :-)

// Heikki
Heikki Vatiainen                  * hessu@cs.tut.fi
Tampere University of Technology  * http://www.cs.tut.fi/~hessu/
Tampere, Finland

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