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Re: Kernel Installation Issues

Jim Worthington scripsit:
|1)Boot Message - I get the following message when booting:
|Oct  8 17:10:10 hercules syslogd 1.3-0#6: restart.
|Oct  8 17:10:11 hercules kernel: Cannot find map file.
|What is a map file?  

Map of kernel symbols (= functions and external variables)

|Where is it supposed to be?


(any of the three, if more than one they'd better be the same...)

|How do I get rid of the message?

Under debian you should already have /System.map, a symlink to
/boot/System.map-2.0.x (x = kernel minor, whatever that is in your

|2) Where is the /boot/psdatabase file used?

ps w

which shows the "channels", i.e. the kernel function the code is in.

|I manually installed a new kernel (no debian package) and need to know
|if it was done correctly.  After compiling the 2.0.13 pnp patched
|kernel, I did the following:
|a) cp /usr/src/linux/arch/i386/boot/zimage /boot/vmlinuz-2.0.13-pnp
|b) cp /usr/src/linux/System.map /boot/System.map-2.0.13-pnp
|c) I then re-linked /vmlinuz and /System.map to point to the newly added
|files in /boot.  I then ran lilo and rebooted.  
|It's working, but there are some loose ends that I am concerned about.  
|I've had the "cannot find map file" message since day 1, so it's not
|related to installing the new kernel.

See the links above, you need the /System.map to be correctly linked

|The /boot/psdatabase file is linked to /boot/psdatabase-2.0.0.  I
|couldn't find any corresponding files in the newly compiled kernel
|directory structure.  It would seem that I should have a
|psdatabase-2.0.13-pnp as well.

Just do

rm /boot/psdatabase
ln -s /boot/psdatabase-2.0.13-pnp /boot/psdatabase



Arrigo Triulzi <arrigo@ic.ac.uk>, http://www.ma.ic.ac.uk/~agbt
Mathematics Dept. Imperial College of Science & Technology - London - UK

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