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Re: Ctrl-Alt-Del doesn't work under X?

Hello Thomas,

Thomas Baetzler scripsit:
|The way we have handled this at a customer installation is that
|we created a user "shutdown" who was privileded to run shutdown.

You are not the only one to suggest this... the problem with this is
that it is highly insecure (well, you might say so is C-A-Del from the
keyboard, but this implies access to a card-controlled, monitored
room in our case), people can reboot from all over the net. And our
machines are teaching PCs, i.e. connected to the net.

At the moment two solutions look very promising, both the Tcl/Tk
script and, IMHO better, Miquel's modified xdm startup. This would
mean that, if I can modify the Xlogin keymaps, the kids will find
themselves using the familiar combination (very familiar since they
use Windoze...).



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