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Re: Xterm and TERMCAP

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996 12:43:36 +0100, Casper BodenCummins <bodec@Sherwood.co.uk>
 : >	TERMCAP=co#80:li#24:
 : >
 : >I use Jed editor and if I want to edit file the "Terminal not powerful
 : enough 
 : >for SLang." message appears. When TERMCAP is unset Jed works OK.
 : TERMCAP can be set to either the name of a termcap file (a file
 : containing termcap definitions for many terminals), or a literal
 : definition for a single terminal. In your case, TERMCAP is defined for
 : very nearly the dumbest possible terminal definition.

It is my understanding that the problem is caused by xterm itself.
Since many people have pointed out this xterm flaw to me, I have made
changes to slang 0.99-35 such that it will ignore TERMCAP if TERM is
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