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Re: Any Linux books that focus on Debian?

CoB SysAdmin (Joe Emenaker) <jemenake@lab.busfac.calpoly.edu> writes:

> I'm interested in getting a book on adminstering Linux systems, but just
> about *every* book I look at focuses on Slackware. *Blech!*.
> Are there any books that focus on Debian?

Well, perhaps partially, and soon :-)  This was on c.o.l.announce not
long ago; I meant to bring it up then.  I was really pleased to hear it:

   At Matt Welsh's request, Specialized Systems Consultants has taken over
   the maintenance of Matt's book "Linux Installation & Getting Started".

   This book can be found on the web at

   It can also be accessed through SSC's Linux Resources Page,
   http://www.ssc.com/linux/ under The Linux Documentation Project.

   "Linux Installation and Getting Started is an installation and new-user
   guide for the Linux system, meant for Unix novices and Gurus alike. It
   contains information on how to obtain Linux, installation of the
   software, a beginning tutorial for new Unix users, and an introduction
   to system administration. It is meant to be general enough to be
   applicable to any distribution of the Linux software."

   Currently, SSC is working on a new installation chapter just for the
   Debian Linux release, and has plans to do chapters related to each of
   the major distributions.

   If you have any suggestions or corrections pertaining to this book,
   please send them to ligs@ssc.com.

(There's nothing Debian-specific in those versions on the web yet.)
Does anyone on the list happen to know more about this; anyone working
with them yet?

Ed Donovan				edonovan@world.std.com

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