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Re: Xterm and TERMCAP

> Zlatko Rek wrote:
> >I have problems with xterm. When it is opened the TERM and TERMCAP
> >environment variables are set to:
> >
> >	TERM=xterm
> >	TERMCAP=co#80:li#24:
> >
> >I use Jed editor and if I want to edit file the "Terminal not powerful
> >enough for SLang." message appears. When TERMCAP is unset Jed works OK.
> TERMCAP can be set to either the name of a termcap file (a file
> containing termcap definitions for many terminals), or a literal
> definition for a single terminal. In your case, TERMCAP is defined for
> very nearly the dumbest possible terminal definition.
> The fact that Jed works with TERMCAP unset means that it is successfully
> picking up the system-wide termcap file. You need to find out where
> TERMCAP is being erroneously set and unset it. It might be in your
> .bash_profile (or other profile, depending on your shell), or possibly
> in a system-wide set-up file, such as /etc/profile.

TERMCAP is not set in any set-up file. If I login on console then 
TERM is set to linux and TERMCAP is unset. I think that TERMCAP is set
by xterm. Now I've put TERMCAP=/etc/termacap in csh.login.

> >Another problem is that command history keys ( up/down arrows) dont
> >work. Next or previous command is appended to the current instead 
> >of replace it.
> The correct behaviour depends which shell and editing mode you're using,
> and whether your particular terminal type is supported properly. Please
> give details.

I use tcsh 6.06.00 (tcsh-6.06-3.dpkg). Here is my /etc/csh.login file 
(I dont use ~/.cshrc and /etc/csh.cshrc is empty)

# /etc/csh.login: system-wide .login file for csh(1)/tcsh(1).
# $Id: csh.login,v 1.1 1994/04/24 15:08:50 imurdock Exp $

if ($?prompt) then

	umask 022
	if ( `whoami` == root ) then
		set prompt="%~%# "
		set prompt="%~%% "

	set path = ( $path /usr/bin/X11 /usr/local/bin /usr/games . )
	set autologout=0
	set noclobber
	set autolist
	set ignoreeof
	set correct=cmd
	set matchbeep=nomatch
	set cdpath=( . ~ )
	set notify
	set history = 100

        setenv PAGER less
        setenv EDITOR /usr/local/bin/jed
        setenv MANPATH /usr/local/man:/usr/man:/usr/X11R6/man
        setenv TERMCAP /etc/termcap

	alias	lf	ls -F
	alias	ll	ls -l
	alias   dir     ls -al
	alias	cls	clear
	alias	clr	clear
	alias   lo      exit
	alias	his	history		
	alias	cp	"cp -i"
	alias 	mv	"mv -i"
	alias 	rm	"rm -i"
	alias 	ma	'mount /a'
	alias 	ua	'umount /a'
        alias   tis     'lynx tis.telekom.si'
        if ( $TERM == 'xterm' ) then
		alias cwdcmd  'echo -n "]2;${HOST}:$cwd"'
		set prompt='%# '


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