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Re: Any Linux books that focus on Debian?

CoB SysAdmin:
> I'm interested in getting a book on adminstering Linux systems, but just
> about *every* book I look at focuses on Slackware. *Blech!*.
> Are there any books that focus on Debian?

Blatant self-promotion dept.: The Linux System Administrators'
Guide (SAG), my book, is not specific to any Linux distribution,
although it does contain traces of all the distributions I've
personally used during these four years.

Fair warning dept.: It doesn't cover too many things (actually,
it covers very few things), but it tries to be thorough about
what it does cover. Oh, and it contains a joke. You have been

URL dept.: <http://www.iki.fi/liw/linux/sag/>. The announcement
contains the table of contents, so you can see if it has what
you want before you download and print.

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