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Re: smail does virtual domains?

On Tue, 8 Oct 1996, Nelson Posse Lago wrote:

>      Hi all,
>      I'm seriously considering changing to sendmail or perhaps qmail, or 
> whatever. One of the reasons is that I need virtual e-mail domains. Does 
> smail handle this? Is is reasonable to use it for this? How about qmail?
> Are there plans to packaging it in .deb format?
>      I'm really afraid of sendmail, not for the config files, but because 
> of the security leaks that appear every day; hopefully qmail/smail are 
> better or, at least, less popular among hackers.

>From what I know of mailers in general, qmail or smail is still
susceptable to hacking.  I don't know much in the way of sendmail hacking,
vs other mailer hacking, so someone correct me if I am wrong.
I think that its more of sendmail getting a bad aura due to its popularity
in MOST platforms out there...

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