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Re: main-menu.hook, menudefs.hook?????

David Puryear:
> I just like to know why when I installed package with 
> "..registers itself via install-fvwm2menu", it deleted my old
> main-menu.hook and menudefs.hook. I like the ones I had. 

This is sort of my fault, sorry. I designed the new
system.fvwm2rc and install-fvwm2menu. I'm not sure we have
documented this anywhere, but main-menu.hook and menudefs.hook
are not really meant to be edited by hand (although at one stage
during my design they were). For the moment at least, it's
better to use main-menu-pre.hook and post.hook instead. I'll
see what can be done about this in a future version.

For those that don't know: install-fvwm2menu installs an
entry into the fvwm menu structure (the entry becomes
visible after you log in or restart). It can also remove the
entry later. Debian packages are just now starting to use
this to provide an automatically updating "Apps" menu
(yes, sort of like the Win95 start menu).

> Has any one else have this problem?

It happens every time that root runs install-fvwm2menu.

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