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Re: sbpcd module

> Anyone using the sbpcd driver? Until last night my server at home here
> (a 386/40/8) was running some mess vaguely resembling Slackware 2.3
> and 3.0, and I upgraded it to Debian last night. sbpcd was compiled
> in to the kernel before, but with Debian it's a module. When I go
> insmod sbpcd sbpcd=0x330,Lasermate
> (since my controller is not looked for in the normal scanning,
> and that takes ages anyway), it first checks some garbage
> address like 0x105FDAA5, then the standard ones.
> Hence, it never works.

I've got the sbpcd, but its the "real sbpcd" cd-rom.
the only way I could get it to work was to edit the 
sbpcd.h file to fit my drive, and then compile it into my kernel.

Hope this helps! 

Organizer of Jax-LUG!

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