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Segmentation fault during install

Dear Sir or Madam,
	I'm having difficulty getting debian linux installed on my computer. 
It boots alright, partitions the disk, initializes the swap and root
partitions, and mounts '/' on the root partition.  Then, when I insert
the first base disk (when prompted) it comes up with a segmentation
fault.  No stack trace or any other information is given.  It just says:

segmentation fault

Something went wrong with.... etc.

My hardware is as follows:

ASUS P/I P55TP4N Pentium Mainboard (32M memory 512K pipeline burst
Adaptec AHA2940 bios rev 1.16 PCI SCSI Host
Artisoft Noderunner S/I (NE2000 comp.) ISA ethernet adapter irq:15 0x340
ATI Graphics Pro Turbo PCI video card.  (2M)
Sound Blaster 16 w/ proprietary Creative CD interface
Quantum Fireball 1gig SCSI-2 drive
HP SureStore 2.1gig SCSI-2 drive
Panasonic PD SCSI CDROM drive
2 1.44 meg floppies

	All BIOS caching is disabled, as are the onboard IDE ports.  Linux
detects these IDE ports as disabled on boot, and reports the onboard
floppy as a 'Post-1991 82077'.  It also finds all my SCSI drives
correctly, and identifies the PD as a CDROM.

	I have tried turning off caching (both internal and external as well as
one and the other), setting the system boot up speed to low, and turning
off the PCI bursting, streaming, and concurrency.  I have also verified
that my Adaptec is indeed on INTA Irq 10.

	I am using the standard boot1440.bin image, along with the root.bin and
the base14-x.bin base images which I made using rawrite2 under DOS.

Thanks, in advance, for any help,
Christian Watts

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