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Re: Linux SMP

Ricardo Kleemann (ricardo@americasnet.com) wrote:
: Hi guys...
: I'm wondering if attempting to use Linux-SMP is any good. Afterall, for 
: real efficiency, don't the programs/daemons/utilities have to be designed 
: in such a way that they'll make use of SMP capabilities?
The operating systems nature is to run multiple processes. SMP is just
dividing those processes up amoung the processors.
: For example, if I have sendmail, pop3d, httpd daemons running, on a dual 
: processor system with SMP kernel, as compared to a single-processor 
: system, would I gain much advantage?
No. Because the limitations with those are usually in the I/O not in the
numbercrunching abilities of the CPU
: Let's say, for example, a dual-133 and a single-PPro200. My feeling is 
: that for raw speed and efficiency, the PPro200 would easily win out...
That is probably true. Moreover you do not have all the SMP problems.

: Now, due to the fact that most ISP usage is dependent on bandwidth 
: limitations (meaning that a lot of the time the raw processor power won't 
: do much good) what is your opinion on choosing a more effective system? 
: Between say dual-133 or single-Pro200?
Buy three Pentium 100s Machines and network them. Distribute the server processes equally
between them and you have a wonderful fast system. Get another P-133 for all the compilation stuff you want to

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