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Re: shadow for debian

# Ricardo Kleemann wrote about "shadow for debian" on 10/02/96:
> Does debian have a shadow package which would simplify installation of 
> shadow? Or do I have to install it manually?

There is a Debian shadow package available at the Shadow suite FTP site
(ftp://serek.arch.pwr.wroc.pl/pub/shadow/) which comes in 3 separate .deb
files covering the 3 aspects of the shadow system (login, passwd, and su).
The package is currently at Version 960810-1 and its maintainer is Michael
Meskes <meskes@debian.org> -- I've been using it for a little while and
it works just fine.  I recompiled mine from scratch, but it's nice to have
the basic debian package as a start.

This is the first version that's a complete drop-in replacement for the
base login & passwd stuff.. it even converts your existing password file
over automatically.  It's also safe to use these new shadow tools on an
unshadowed system (i.e. they will use /etc/passwd if a user isn't found
in /etc/shadow).  Implements nicely with Debian, but I'd still advise
anyone to read the shadow suite docs if they are going to use it (even if
it's in a nice easy-install package).

take care,
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