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Re: shadow for debian

Ricardo Kleemann (ricardo@americasnet.com) wrote:
: Does debian have a shadow package which would simplify installation of 
: shadow? Or do I have to install it manually?
I still have a lot of reservations about using shadow. The only way that it would
make sense is if you are restricted to just using one machine.

I am running a separate machine that does not allow user access for all services
or sensitive information. Another machine allows user login which is a kind of
shell server - a cheap old 486DX66 that does nothing
criticall at all. If someone breaks in then he can probably disturb some other users
access but not bring down major components.

Export the / directory  to your secure host. And then change the root
password to * via NFS. Do password lookups via NIS not allowing passwords to be seen
by users (and not thus not having passwords in /etc/passwd).
Mount the users home directory from the secure server and give the root_squash
option. No user can own a binary owned by root now...

Except for laborious exploitation of security holes (in what? Sendmail is also
running on the secure host....) I doubt that anyone can get in. And even if so:
Access from that host to other systems is quite limited. The system is running
accounting and some other things that will make life quite difficult.

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