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Xterm and TERMCAP


I have problems with xterm. When it is opened the TERM and TERMCAP environment
variables are set to:


I use Jed editor and if I want to edit file the "Terminal not powerful enough 
for SLang." message appears. When TERMCAP is unset Jed works OK.

Another problem is that command history keys ( up/down arrows) dont work. Next
or previous command is appended to the current instead of replace it.


Dr. Zlatko Rek                      |         Phone:+386 61 177 3746
Jozef Stefan Institute              |               +386 61 177 3900 
National Supercomputing Centre      |         Fax:  +386 61 219 385 
Jamova 39, P.O.BOX 300              |         E-mail:zlatko.rek@nsc.ijs.si 
SI-1001 Ljubljana, SLOVENIA         |         http://www2.ijs.si/~rek/

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