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Re: anyone interested in pretty xaw3d scrollbars?

Whoops. I've been digging around, and found xaw3d version 1.3. 

>From the README:

	Changes in this release:

	    Some bug fixes.

	    I've finally upgraded the arrow-style scrollbar to 3D Motif-like
	    scrollbar with arrows written by Dimitri P. Bouras.

Well, it looks like xaw3d is going to have 3d scrollbars, like 'em or not,
as soon as it gets upgraded from version 1.2a. 

So I'm inclined to drop my idea of making a seperate package that has
these scrollbars enabled. I'll probably still make it for my own use and
place it up for anon ftp from my own server for those people who just
can't wait (and want arrowscrollbars turned on ;-), but it's up to Joost
to decide when xaw3d 1.3 gets officailly debiansed.

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