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Unable to boot with special kernels 1 & 4

	I wonder whether anybody can help me.  I want to move onto the
Linux 2.0 kernel via the Debian distribution, but I cannot boot with
either of the two special kernels which (I think) are most appropriate
for me.  Namely, numbers 1 & 4.  The error message I get is along the
lines of:

  No coprocessor found and no math emulation present
  Giving up

whereupon my machine just hangs there, and can only be reset with the
on/off switch.  This occurs regardless of whether I enter the
customary `linux floppy=thinkpad' rune.

	My hardware set-up is:

	o IBM Thinkpad 360Cs, 486-SX, 20 MBytes.
	o Adaptec SlimSCSI PCMCIA card.
	o Adaptec EPP parallel port to SCSI dongle thing.
	o Syquest removeable SCSI hard disk (from where I would like
to mount the distribution).

	I haven't tried the other special kernels (they did not seem
as relevant), but the regular kernel *did* boot OK.

	Thanks in advance.




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