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anyone interested in pretty xaw3d scrollbars?

Something I've been missing ever since I came to debian was a set of xaw3d
libraries that gave athena scrollbar widgits a nice 3-d appearence to go
with the rest of xaw3d. I'm speaking of scrollbars that are rather
motif-like, not "xaw3d95" style. (Go to
http://kite.preferred.com/kitenet/xterm_with_3d_scrollbars.gif for a
screenshot of what I mean) 

Well, I finally dug up the patch to Xaw3d that gives it these nice
scrollbars, and I patched xaw3d-1.2a-5 and made a .deb out of it for my
own use. I'll release it as a debian package if there's any demand.
Meanwhile, the patch is at
ftp://kite.preferred.com/pub/home/joey/Xaw3d-1.1-scrollbar.patch if anyone
wants to apply it themselves (it's easy) or if the maintainer of xaw3d
would like to make it part of the base package. 

#!/usr/bin/perl -pl-                                   # ,,ep) ayf >|)nj,,
$_=reverse lc$_;s@"@''@g;y/[]{A-Y}<>()a-y1-9,!.?`'/][} #         Joey Hess
{><)(eq)paj6y!fk7wuodbjsfn^mxhl5Eh29L86`i'%,/;s@k@>|@g # jeh22@cornell.edu
               "true - do nothing, successfully" - - true (1)

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