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Re: Archive, out of date web pages, Navigator 3.0, etc

Jeff Blaine <jblaine@NDA.COM> writes:
> 6.  Naming packages '-dev' and putting them in the 'stable' area is
>     really confusing.  I specifically avoided downloading anything with

Nay, nay, '-dev' means a package that has files you need to _compile_
with a certain set of libraries, as opposed to the runtime files.  I ran
the packaged Mosaic, I needed zlib, libjpeg, libpng, etc.  I wanted to
build the Mosaic alpha sources, I had to get zlib-dev libjpeg-dev,
libpng-dev (well, names approximated).  libc5 and the many other runtime
packages just have object files; libc5-dev and the rest are where the C
header files (among other things) go.  It's late and I'm not explaining
this well, but you probably knew what I mean immediately.  If not,
someone else'll do better.  

Oh, yeah, info-browser is provided by emacs, which you probably already
do or don't like, or the lowly 'info', which many admit is not so hot a
way to see them, if you don't use emacs or xemacs.

Hope this is of some use,

Ed Donovan				edonovan@world.std.com

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