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Re: Archive, out of date web pages, Navigator 3.0, etc

> I'm trying to help myself.  Really.  But, the Debian web pages only
> list mailing list archives up to June 1996, 

My scripts that made the archives then were lost in a disk crash; I've
recently recreated them, and the FTP archive (/debian/debian-lists)
are up to date.

As for the webserver, it has very recently moved to a new machine. Right 
now, there is no /FTP/, no list archives etc. We're working on them.

Hopefully, sometime in the not too distant future, www.debian.org will
function properly (or even improved).

> 10.  Things seem to have just fallen off the face of the earth
>      after June 1996.  What's going on?  There are dead links
>      on the arguably most important document on the Debian
>      WWW site:  The Installation Instructions.  None of the links
>      to the base14*, root.bin, and boot1440.bin disks work. 

Whoops... the announcement was written when ftp.i-connect.net was more
up to date then ftp.debian.org. I've fixed the links in the master copy
which is mirrored to www.debian.org.

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