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Re: scd0 not recog. as block dev. (what is "insmod driver")

Toshinao Ishii writes:
> It looks scsi driver is running without problem. Root partition in
> SCSI disk is mounted and accessible without problem. However, if I
> try to mount the cdrom

> 	# mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt
> 	mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/scd0 as a block device
> 	      (maybe `insmod driver`?)
> 	#

Looks very similar to one of the problems I had.  The CDROM driver is a
module, which was not being installed because "install" failed to run
"depmod -a".   Do "depmod -a", and reboot.

> The kernel is the one in buzz-updates/disk-i386/special-kernels and called
> "boot1440_2.0.5-1.bin" Is this kernel not suitable ? What is this insmod
> driver ?  Please help me to mount SCSI CDROM.

"insmod driver" is pretty useless advice, isn't it?  "insmod" is the
command to insert a module.  They are trying to say "insmod <driver>", 
where <driver> stands for the module containing the driver for your 
CDROM drive.

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