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Re: Dselect problems

[Klippa, klapp, kluppit]

> > Running dpkg -iGROEB /tmp/Debian-1.1.6/stable/binary-i386
> > find: /tmp/Debian-1.1.6/stable/binary-i386/admin/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb: No such
> > file or directory
> > find: /tmp/Debian-1.1.6/stable/binary-i386/base/mount_2.5l-1.deb: No such file
> > or directory
> > dpkg: subprocess find returned error exit status 1
> > installation script returned error exit status 1.
> > Press RETURN to continue.
> In doing an ls -l of /tmp/Debian-1.1.6/stable/binary-i386/admin/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb
> there is a symbolic link to /cdrom/buzz-updates/binary-i386/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb.
> However when I go to /cdrom/buzz-updates/binary-i386/ directory the file 
> sudo-1.4.4-2.deb is not there. The same applies to the mount_2.5l-1.deb file.
> Could you let me know why this is occuring and if there is any way of
> getting around this problem. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. 
> Thank you in advance,
> Tejvanse Dhillon

In spite of not knowing anything about the bad links problem, I'll try answer.

It seems to me as if the symbolic links points a little wrong.
Do "ls -l /cdrom/buzz-updates/binary-i386/*/sudo*" and see if you get any 
output. Suppose you see 
"/cdrom/buzz-updates/binary-i386/admin/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb", then do
"ln -sf /cdrom/buzz-updates/binary-i386/admin/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb \
/tmp/Debian-1.1.6/stable/binary-i386/admin/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb" and then 
"rm /tmp/Debian-1.1.6/stable/binary-i386/admin/sudo_1.4.4-2.deb".

Repeat for the second symbolic link.



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