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Re: tex font problems

Susan G. Kleinmann wrote:
> > \"{a}, \aa and so on does not show up in the .dvi file. Has anybody else
> > moticed this? 
> As far as I can tell, these are not LaTeX constructions, but TeX constructions.
> I made a silly .tex file with these lines:
> =====begin junk.tex====================
> backslash quote curly-brace a curly-brace is \"{a}.
> backslash a a is \aa.
> \vfill \eject \end
> =====end   junk.tex====================
> Then I ran 
> tex junk
> dvips -o morejunk junk
> ghostview morejunk
> and the characters showed up just as expected.

Well, they don't on my instalation :-) I tested just the same. But my junk.log
contains the two lines:

Missing character: There is no ^^e4 in font cmr10!
Missing character: There is no ^^e5 in font cmr10!

Thomas Schiex wrote:
> So the following text will be Ok (but would'nt w/o the fontenc package).
> ---
> \documentclass{article}
> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
> \begin{document}
> \end{document}
> ---
> (NOTE: You will probably get an error message telling that dcr1000.mf is not
> found: the Debian LaTeX DC font installation is FAULTY here (a mismatch

So I did.

> between the version of the DC fonts and the version of the font description
> files). Try getting the last version of the DC fonts on a CTAN archive (see
> below). You'll find them in
> 	fonts/dc/ready-mf/*
> 	(these files should replace all the files that are in
> 	/usr/lib/texmf/fonts/source/public/dc/ )

hmm, I have no /usr/lib/texmf/fonts/source/public/dc/ directory. But the 
status of mfdcfnt is ok installed, Version: 1.0-1. However, I created one
and placed the new fonts there.

> 	fonts/dc/tfm/*
> 	(these files should relplace all files in 
> 	/usr/lib/texmf/fonts/tfm/public/dc/)

OK, that directory excisted, so I updated it.

And, now your latex example works just fine (using ISO characters in the latex
file), but Susan G. Kleinmann's junk.tex still wount give me any umlaut 


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