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Re: tex font problems

Hi Hakan --
You said:
> I am having trouble with the latex font, all non normal characters like
> \"{a}, \aa and so on does not show up in the .dvi file. Has anybody else
> moticed this? 

As far as I can tell, these are not LaTeX constructions, but TeX constructions.
I made a silly .tex file with these lines:

=====begin junk.tex====================
backslash quote curly-brace a curly-brace is \"{a}.
backslash a a is \aa.
\vfill \eject \end
=====end   junk.tex====================

Then I ran 
tex junk
dvips -o morejunk junk
ghostview morejunk

and the characters showed up just as expected.

You can get an umlaut (Tex \"{a}) in LaTeX by using the german option
to the babel package:  

I suspect you can get an Angstrom (Tex \aa) in LaTeX by using the 
swedish option.  You can use two options at once by giving them as
a comma seperated list:

Good luck,
Susan Kleinmann

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