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xconsole error

I am having difficulty getting the xconsole to work running in
fvwm 9or any window manager).  I use a .xsession file in my home
directory.  Here is that file:

----------------- begin .xsession file -------------

#Add to path
export PATH

export DISPLAY

#Merge in user resources:
#xrdb -merge $HOME/.Xresources

#start Applications
xterm -g 95x40-40+200 -sb &
xterm -g 95x40-700+10 -sb &
xconsole -exitOnFail -g 490x200-20-50 &
xclock &
xcal &
#xmh   -g 750x545+5+400 &
#exmh &

#start fishtank
#xfishtank &

#start window manager
exec fvwm2 &

#start controlling proc
/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm -iconify -rv -title root -name "root" -g +5+1 
-------------------------- end .xsession file -------------

At first I did not have the "exitOnFail" in the xconsole line,
and I would get an xconsole window that said
  "Couldn't open console".
With the "exitOnFail", I just get no window at all.

I created a test user account, and didn't put a .xsession file
in its home directory.  The xconsole opens and works fine.

What is it about this xsession file that is trashing my xconsole?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Ken Gaugler  
email: keng@aimnet.com  URL: users.aimnet.com/~keng
"The life of a Repo Man is always INTENSE..."

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