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Re: PPP Manual Dial?

On Tue, 20 Aug 1996, Jean Orloff wrote

-- extra stuff deleted --

> is getting on my nerves (and I won't let my wife or kids do that...). So what I
> would like is some graphical front-end to pppd, displaying the status, and
> with buttons to start/stop a connection. This could be started by root at boot
> time, solving the suid problems. (I tried 
> 	chmod a+s /usr/sbin/pppd /usr/sbin/chat; 
> 	chmod a+rx /etc/ppp/chat* 
> but no way I could fire a ppp session as a simple mortal user...). Including a
> prompt for the password in such a setup would be relatively trivial.
> Does anyone know of something of this kind? I vaguely saw a related tool for
> diald: a good hint? Come on: we could easily do better than windoze and the
> uggly trumpet winsock on this one, and this is a huge selling argument!
> Amities,
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I use TKppp. I believe I got it from sunsite. I made a few modifications 
to suit my personality, but it it is mostly stock. It does auto-redial, 
auto-reconnect, and pings at an interval (user-defined) to keep your ISP 
from shutting you off if you take too long reading your mail :-\.

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