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Re: Installing Netscape with dpkg

Hi Ken!

On Wed, 14 Aug 1996, Ken Gaugler wrote:

> Dpkg specifically asks for the beta 4 binary; can I get away with using
> one of the newer binaries?  Do I need to tweak anything to get it to
> install using dpkg?

This is what I've done. I got the 3.0b7 binary from their site; then
grabbed the 3.0b6 installer (source form) from ftp.debian.org (under the
rex hierarchy) and slightly modified it to use the 3.0b7 package (I don't
remember exactly the modifications, they were slight).
Then it worked, and it didn't seem to break anything. I'll tell you when I
upgrade Netscape again! <g>
Bye & Good Luck!

Pablo B.

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