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NFS module insertion failed

Hi there,

I have just tried to install Debian-1.1.5 which I got via ftp from

I used the disk set 1996-07-14 to make the base installation. 

The problem is that I can't insert the nfs module into the kernel. Which
of course is the end of the story so far because I want to install via

When running insmod, I get the following error message (more or less, I
quote by heart, since the machine I'm writing this on is literally

  installation of nfs module failed.
  symbols from Linux-2.0.6 don't match the definition from Linux-2.0.6

  nfs_mknod: can't resolve ...
  nfs_<this and that, some 10 more symbols>

For me this looks like an inconsistency in the disk set.

What do you think?

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