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Re: what files does dselect/dpkg use to discern choices?

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, David C Winters wrote:

> 	Now, to explain the question, since I can't understand the 
> Subject: line and I wrote it myself...
> 	I've got approximately 50 machines I need to build.  My best 
> option for the initial system build, unless I've missed something, would 
> be to run deselect on one machine, then take a deselect-generated file 
> containing my selections and exporting that file to all the other 
> machines, so I can just start up dselect and choose "Install" without 
> having to go through "Select" on each.
> 	How can I accomplish this?  Which file(s) do I need to export in 
> order to make this happen?  And, is there a better way to achieve the 
> same results?
I would suggest you look at UpGrade and base_list in the upgrades
directory. The script was written to upgrade the base section, but is
general in nature and will run on any list you make. If you start with the
base system list, you can add the other packages you wish to upgrade. It
is your responsibility to deal with depends (that is, packages that
another package depends on must appear in the list first), but once you
have a list that works, you only need to copy the script and the list to
the other machines you wish to upgrade and run it. Since the script checks
to see whether the package on the list has already been upgraded, you can
continue to use the list, into the indefinate future, to do incremental
upgrades as new versions of packages become available, or you can wait
till the next release and use your old list. Any packages you wish to add
to your installation just goes into the list in the proper place to obtain
all it's dependancy needs.

Check it out and let me know if it will work for you,


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