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what files does dselect/dpkg use to discern choices?

	Now, to explain the question, since I can't understand the 
Subject: line and I wrote it myself...

	I've got approximately 50 machines I need to build.  My best 
option for the initial system build, unless I've missed something, would 
be to run deselect on one machine, then take a deselect-generated file 
containing my selections and exporting that file to all the other 
machines, so I can just start up dselect and choose "Install" without 
having to go through "Select" on each.
	How can I accomplish this?  Which file(s) do I need to export in 
order to make this happen?  And, is there a better way to achieve the 
same results?

	Now, a meta-issue.  I've been extremely pleased with the Debian 
distribution, as well as the support I've received from this list.  
Thanks, all!  

David winters+@pitt.edu aka winters+@cs.cmu.edu
Office: 3503 WeH, x86720

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