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Re: How can I submit packages to be included in the distribution?

On Fri, 2 Aug 1996, Dermot Bradley wrote:

> > - Harvester		Caching Daemon
> Look at Squid instead - an old version can be found in rex/unstable. It's 
> a few version behind.

I hope to release a new version of squid sometime in the coming week.

> > - procmail with Full Sendmail Integration
> Isn't this part of buzz/stable?

yep, procmail's been part of debian for ages.

> > - hylafax Fax Receive and Send with Sendmail Integration
> You could also use efax which is part of buzz. Someone is working on
> qfax (multi-user extensions to efax).

hylafax would be great!

> - nocol				Network monitoring package

that sounds interesting.  where can i find information on what exactly it

> - gated				(for internal use - Gated have strict
> 				redistribution policies!)

if you do create a package for this, could you distribute your debian.*
files? maybe in a package which contained just the debian.rules etc,
and either a pointer to where to get the source from, or a script to
fetch the source...it would be great if it were possible to make the
build/install process as simple as:

    dpkg -i gated-install.deb
       ## displays message about gated redistribution policy.
    cd /usr/src/gated
    ./debian.rules fetch_src
    ./debian.rules unpack_src
    ./debian.rules binary
    dpkg -i ../gated.deb
    dpkg -r gated-install.deb



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