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Re: Debian 1.1beta problems

> > * Is it true that dselect automatically updates to newer versions of
> > packages (if a newer version appears in the directory structure and
> > you run dselect)?  What do you do if you want to reinstall the same
> > version of a package - can you do it? (for example you might want to
> > re - set it up)
> I'm not real familiar with dselect (although I've been meaning to look
> at it), so it's quite possible dselect will handle this, but you can
> also always use the lower level command line tool, dpkg, for manual
> tweaking.  See man dpkg.  You can install a single package via 
> "dpkg --install foo.deb".

deselect will default to updating, yes.  

At the very top of the scroll-list will be a section indicating that
there are installed packages for which newer versions are available.
THey are all selected (*).  YOu can hit = on this line, which will apply
"hold" to all of these packages (then again, why not update them?
there's usually a reason for the update).

using dpkg, you can downgrade as well; check the options on this. (dpkg


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