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Getting 'less' to do the right thing (was Re: xterm subtleties)

In article <19960529201304.14635.qmail@tad.micro.umn.edu> you write:
>I'm trying to configure xterm so that, for example, the screen isn't
>restored after exiting less.
>>From reading the manual page, I'd expect that a resource of the form
>*titeInhibit:       True
> or
>*TiteInhibit:       True
>would do the trick.  However, this doesn't seem to have any effect.
>Anyone know if there's a way of doing this (without recompiling either
>less or xterm)?

A better solution is to hit less on the head, and stop its anti-
social behaviour.


$ export LESS='-M -X -z-2'

This sets up a few default options to less:

  -M  be verbosein the line at the bottom of the screen
  -X  don't to terminal init & deinit (ie don't clear the screen)
  -z-2 set an overlap of 2 lines when scrolling page by page

Hope this helps,

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