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Re: /etc/cron.daily/find exited with return code 1

David Gaudine wrote:
> I get this message daily:
>     run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/find exited with return code 1
> /etc/cron.daily/find is;
>     su nobody -c "cd / && updatedb" 2>/dev/null

This is a known problem. I believe it's been fixed.

There is a colon (":") missing from the end of the "nobody" entry in
the /etc/passwd file.

Personally, I also changed it to "su root...", because I want my
(private, stand-alone home system's) locatedb file to contain all
files in the system. If it doesn't run as root, it likely won't have
entries from root-only directories. I know where _my_ files are! I need
"locate" to find _system_ files when I'm practicing being the sysadmin on my
Linux system!

For security reasons, I doubt anyone would want a Linux distribution
to run updatedb as root by default.


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