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Re: regular (aka bsd) compress distribution?

> If it is - better move the distribution outside the US now, it only
> gets worse.  Not only something that was in the public domain may be
> patented, you can also get in trouble if there is a four-letter word
> in some package.  It is very unfortunate that most Linux distributions
> come from the US, and users around the world have to live with such
> silly restrictions.  And the free world is only 100ms away...

This is why we moved the mailing list out of the U.S.

> Proposal: not necessarily before the 1.1 release, but perhaps one of
> the many non-US Debian mirror sites could become the primary site.

At the very least we should have an outside-of-US site for some components
now. At one time I think we distributed PGP from Cambridge.


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