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Re: more trouble with 1.1 upgrade

Ian Jackson said:
> Scott Barker writes ("Re: more trouble with 1.1 upgrade"):
> > ok. So what happens when I install the new cron, and /usr/bin/savelog isn't in
> > it? Won't dpkg remove it, since /usr/bin/savelog has been removed from
> > /var/lib/dpkg/info/base.list?
> Err, bugger.  I knew this --force-replaces thing was a bad idea.
> If you do this you'll have to reinstall bsdutils, but there's nothing
> really that can be done about it.
> cron needs to be fixed.

That's what I thought. Just thought I'd mention the problem. Perhaps when cron
is fixed, the bsdutils package should be bumped up a version, so that dselect
will automagically re-install it. Or maybe the cron postinst script should
spit out a message letting the user know that bsdutils should be updated.

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