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Re: netscape*.deb installation problem

> When I dpkg -iGBE netsc*.deb, I get the message that Netscape wants to
> see the archive netscape*.tar.gz in /tmp.  Nothing further seems to
> happen.  The obvious thing to try was to cd /tmp, then run dpkg, but
> alas, no joy:-(
> What's the story?

The story is available via "dpkg --info netscape*deb":
  Netscape (pronounced "Mozilla") is a graphical World-Wide-Web browser
  with many features.  It supports advanced features of HTML and new
  technologies such as "Java" from Sun Microsystems.
  Netscape Communications Corporation does not allow redistribution of
  their software.  Therefore, this package requires the user to fetch
  the netscape archive seperately and place it in the directory pointed
  to by the TMPDIR environment variable (or /tmp if TMPDIR not defined)
  before attempting to install this package.  You can get the
  linux-i486 packages via anonymous ftp from "ftp[1-9].netscape.com".
  Do NOT try to install any version of Netscape other than Atlas-b3 with
  this package!
  Netscape Communications Corporation does not support the Linux release
  in the slightest, even for paying customers.  It has been made available
  purely as a courtesy, so please do not send them questions about Linux.
  This installer package has been placed in the public domain!


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