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Re: Compiling the kernel..

On Thu, 23 May 1996 Richard.Dansereau@ee.umanitoba.ca wrote:

> > The hard part is doing the initial upgrade from 0.93r6 to 1.1 -
> Is doing a slow upgrade from 0.93R6 to 1.1 a better idea than trying a
> clean installation of 1.1?

that depends on whether or not you've got data and config files you want
to keep.

Also, being able to upgrade without reformatting is one of the main
benefits of debian - the upgrade from a.out to 1.1 is documented and
tested well enough now that it's reasonably safe. (i say 'reasonably
safe' as a disclaimer against truly astounding acts of creative
incompetence :-)

I've done both clean installations of beta 1.1 and upgrades from 0.93r6
several times on several different machines over the last few months.
Both work fine.  I'd say upgrading is easier because you don't have to
make floppies.

> I actually tried doing a complete wipe of my hard disk and installing
> 1.1 from scratch.  Unfortunately, the packages at that time for
> lib5-dev, cpp, and gcc kept conflicting with each other and dselect
> would not allow me to install them (even though dselect suggested that
> I should be able to install thing properly).  So, I wiped my hard
> drive and installed 0.93R6 which went without any problems.  Have
> installation problems been reported for lib5-dev that have recently
> been fixed?

Version numbers for libc5 and libc5-dev are very important.  They've got to
match exactly.  

e.g. you can't install libc5-5.2.18-3 and libc5-dev-5.2.18-5, they must both
be -5 versions.  I ran into this one myself when I upgraded, and couldn't
figure out what was going on until i noticed that the version numbers were
slightly different.

Make sure your copies of the .deb packages are up to date before
starting the upgrade procedure.  Easiest way to do this is to install
the mirror package and mirror your local debian mirror site (configure
mirror to exclude the source directories if you dont want them and also
the non-i386 binary directories...i.e. get only non-free/, contrib/, and

if you don't want to run mirror, just ftp what you need manually.  This
is a lot more work than setting up mirror to do what you want.


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