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Re: Imake problems.

On Mon, 20 May 1996, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I find the fracturing of packages into runtime and development sometimes
> doesn't make any sense. In this case, why is imake and xmkmf supplied in
> xbase, but the configuration files they need to run properly in the xdevel
> package. Shouldn't they all be in the same place? It would certainly make
> using and finding them more straight forward.

Agreed. IMHO imake and xmkmf should be together with their config files...
i.e in the xdevel package. 

1. They're only used when compiling x binaries.

2. Getting a 'xmkmf: file not found' will probably get users thinking "I
need an x development package". Getting a failed xmkmf run will most
probably get the users thinking 'bug!'.

Maybe you'd care to file this as a bug against xbase?


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