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Re: kernel headers

Manoj Srivastava said:
> 	The kernel headers package are for those people who are
>  not satisfied with the headers in libc5-dev, (or don't have
>  libc5-dev, in which case I wonder why they want the headers at all,
>  since compilation (I think) depends on having libc5-dev), and also
>  don't want to pull in the rest of the kernel sources.

I guess I wasn't clear enough -- I was actually wondering why kernel headers
were included anywhere *except* with the kernel source. I can see some logic
in having a kernel-headers package for those who don't want all the kernel
source, but I totally fail to see why any kernel headers are included in the
libc packages. Kernel headers are dependant upon the kernel source, not on the
C libraries. It just doesn't make sense to me.

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