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Re: Root login is waiting

On Mon, 20 May 1996, Erick Branderhorst wrote:

> I have a problem with root login again. All other logins are fine,
> but root login is waiting after I typed the password. Even
> su isn't working anymore. I updtated some packages, including
> a few from Incoming this morning, after reboot, this behaviour
> is present. Sound familiar, a solution?

this happened to me eactly (accept on a solaris machine - but i have a 
debian machine also)

setting quotas incorrectly is what stuffed me up .. so i booted the 
machine up off the installation boot disk and hacked out the quotas .. 
dont think this is eaxctly your problem though .. try deinstalling all 
the packages you installed between the time it worked to when it didnt


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